What We Offer

Panspark LMS

What We Offer

Three different apps, many benefits

The three dedicated apps are- a customer centric app, a store app for the staffs and delivery guys, and the third for the management to handle their businesses. Status updates are made once clothes are ready for pick up and even reminders are sent over all preferred modes of contact by the customer: Sms, app or even by email. In today’s time intensive environment, it’s much easier to manage your time on a smart phone. The learning curve of most apps currently available on Smart Phone is very small. Our app is no different as anyone with little or no knowledge can use it.

Control your business with this app from your phone or from your PC

Take advantage of the Smart Phone revolution and manage your businesses from your phone. Not comfortable with the Smart Phone, you can manage it on your PC as well. The USP here is the flexibility, versatility and accessibility that our app has to offer. And it does not stop there; you can keep track of almost each and everything that this app has to offer, from checking the performance of stores to checking inventory, from checking the businesses one particular region provides to another aspect of businesses can be managed. If you wish to organise any festive offer, discounts or even promotions – everything can be managed with the help of this app.

Manage deliveries, Clothes and Customers

The app allows route planning for deliver guys to make sure they deliver the right laundry to the right customer and prevent any sort of mix-up. You can check the number of clothes that have been brought in by a particular store. Handle customer queries, satisfied or dissatisfied customers with this app. Maintain or exceed customer satisfaction by keeping up with efficiency and meeting or exceeding customer expectations

Grow your business by managing your Stores

When in any form of business, the desire to grow and flourish is the basic need of any business owner. It is but natural to keeps one’s thought aligned to the constant road of progress. The ability to manage your stores and keep an eye on things developing your business increases many fold when coupled with efficiently managed business. Our app helps you to achieve that dream by better managing your business.

Our expertise and efficient experience goes in our App development

Why us? Because we have the right workforce, right technology and right experience to work efficiently in the world of app development. We have the expertise for creating apps and out in tit the experience and our understanding. Our app development process involves deliberation, dedication and making some hard decisions to develop an app that is loved not just by the clients but by their customers and staffs as well.

Not a Techno-Savvy? No problem!

Apps need not be for the Techno-heavy person. It doesn’t matter how high or low is your understanding in using the app. It’s as simple as using any other app in your smart phone. You use it few times and that will make you an expert in using the app! The learning curve of our app when compared to learning any other software on the PC is much easy. The only thing you would need to operate our app on your software and PC is an updated browser and a decent PC configuration. The common thing that’s required is good internet connection. That’s all! As long as you have these, our app will be able to give real time information of your business when you need it.

Ease of access and connectivity

Smart phones have the benefit of being handy, portable, light weight and easy to use. Even a child learns to use a smart phone or tablet within a few usage. The robustness and flexibility what an app provides cannot be compared with any other device that is in existence.

Adding value and impetus to relations

We follow an agile methodology for apps enabling Client Feedback based Development. We keep looking for challenges and have solutions to make your life even better. We work towards making existing solutions more efficient and adding new features for making your life more beautiful and being at ease.


  • Personalize

Branding through your app, customizability the way you want your customers to see

  • Software Branding
  • Garment, Service and Price List
  • Rules, Policy, Procedures, etc.


Save your money, precious time, effort and experience and maintain a great work life balance.
  • No Wrong Deliveries
  • Minimize Employee Pilferage
  • Easy management

Better way to connect with your Customers

Connect with your customers through the app by notifications or email and maintain a cohesive environment ensuring customer satisfaction
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Web tracking
  • Android phone apps

Customer Information Management

Keep a complete record of your client for delivering a personalized service, fast processing and complete or exceed customer satisfaction.
  • Customized preferences
  • Account management
  • Manage promotions/campaigns/offers
  • Birthdays & anniversaries

Pick Up & Drop Efficiently

Reduce your time, efforts and work load during receiving and delivering the order through store apps for effective route planning for delivery
  • Automatic SMS & Emails
  • Delivery with/without Invoice Tickets
  • Integration through Google maps