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Panspark LMS


Panspark LMS Features

Our Laundry Management System provide automatic solution for transfer and storage of garments.

Customer Management

Keep a complete record of your client for delivering a personalized service, fast processing and complete or exceed customer satisfaction.
  • Customized preferences
  • Account management
  • Manage promotions/campaigns/offers

Order Management

Connect with your customers through the app by notifications or email and maintain a cohesive environment ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Order booking – drop at store / pick up request
  • Apply promotion and offers
  • Make Payment – cash/cheque/credit card/debit card/loyalty points and Credit Note
  • Invoice and Tag printing

Process Management

The system is flexible enough to accumulate any process that is carried out in Store and Workshop.

Pickup and Delivery Management

Delivery/Pick-up to the respective customer can be logged, tracked and managed along with confirmation of the action.
  • Pickup and Delivery assignment: The pick-up and delivery assignment to the delivery guys.
  • Pickup and Delivery confirmation: Confirmation for the Pickup and Delivery initiated/requested

Issue Management

Issue logging system for issue discovered during/prior to the servicing process
  • Log issue: the nature of the issue can be logged when detected.
  • Approval/Reject: approval or rejection process for issues logged in the system
  • Process: the procedure of the processes.

Notification Management

  • Define notification: notifications set-up either by app or sms for reminders regarding pick or delivery alert.
  • Assigned, send and Schedule notification: scheduling the above notifications.

Promotion and Offers

Ability to create promotion and offers for customers based on various pre-set criteria
  • Create Promotion: creating promotion, campaigns or offers
  • Create Offer’s based on Date, Store: date-wise offer creation
    • Promo Code: generating Promo Codes.
    • Internal Promo Codes: generating code specific for that region or store or for all the customers.
    • External Promo Code: third party application for applying codes.

Rate List

Customised rate list can be maintained depends upon the type of customer

Audit Process

Audit system to analyse the organisation
  • In-PP (Item in and Payment Pending): delivery and payment pending when laundry is completed
  • Out-PP (Item Not in store and Payment Pending): Item not in store and payment pending and delivery is in process.
  • Inventory of ready Item’s: option for entering remarks for items that are ready
  • Inventory of Pending Item’s: inventory showing the items that are pending


Security feature to make sure app is used by authorised persons.
  • Bio-metric authentication: foolproof authentication system
  • OTP Verification for customer Registration: OTP sends a specific verification number to the requested mobile number to determine authenticity.
  • Activity Tracking: monitors the app usage

Loyalty Management

A loyalty management system for encouraging customer loyalty for services rendered
  • Define type of Customer like Silver, Gold, Platinum.... Segregating customers on generating businesses generated and tenure.
  • Define Criteria for customer type: customer segregation based by the number of points generated.
  • Define Points: points criteria based on sales generated by the customer
  • Redeeming points point redemption facility for customers
  • Reports: reports about the points, history, etc.

Vendor Management

  • Send and received items: items that are sent or received from the vendor and to check the status
  • Item wise list with vendor: list of items that are present with the vendor

Package Sale

By creating the packages, Customers will be avail to get additional benefits like Discounts or any value added services.

KG or BAG Sale

Customer orders can also be measured in KG or BAG Sale.

Integration with Tally

Our Software is easily integrated with tally for hassle free activity to maintain Ledgers.


We provide different types of Reports such as Booking Order, Delivery, Pending Stock etc. and we also developed Customized Report based on Client requirement.

Desktop Store and Ware house application

  • Easy to use and faster performance.
  • Desktop PC application for business owners

Mobile Apps

Reports generated and viewed from time to time to check the performance of the stores.

Panoramic Universal Ltd have developed three different apps:

  • Customer App: The first app is for the customer who can request a pick-up/delivery and even make payments online.
  • Store App: The second app is the store app for the delivery guys who can plan their routes for delivery via Google maps. The pick-up can be updated in real-time.
  • MIS App: The third app is for the management or business owners who can generate MIS reports as and when required.