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Panspark LMS Features

Panoramic Universal Ltd. takes great pleasure to introduce our one of a kind Mobile App that helps Laundry Services meet those demands and track their businesses first hand. Our robust and powerful mobile app requires no less than your present smart phone to record, track, store data and maintain your laundry’s day-to-day activity.

It makes it more comfortable for you to work on your smart phone than a desktop PC which you cannot carry everywhere. This is the biggest flaw that desktop PCs have since they are not portable. This flaw can be removed as smart phones get more and more powerful. If you have a chain of stores or a single store everything can be effectively monitored with this app. Most people have a smart phone and it provides the ease of connectivity online and ease of accessibility as well.

It’s sufficed to say it will track most of your day-to-day activity first hand. Right from the time you receive the clothes to the laundry to the time it’s delivered by your delivery guys. There are lots of things that our app can do and it’s not limited to the ones mentioned in this paragraph. We have made sure to include the most used feature and some additional features that will not only come in handy but also go a long way to better manage your business.

What Panspark LMS offers you?

LMS for Hotels and Hospitals

The Panspark LMS software provides a complete software and RFID solution.

LMS for Processing Units

Our Laundry Management System provide automatic solution for transfer and storage of garments.

LMS for Stores & Workshops

Our Laundry Management System provide automatic solution for transfer and storage of garments.

Three different apps, many benefits

The three dedicated apps are a customer centric app, a store app for the staffs and delivery guys, and the third for the management to handle their businesses.

Control your business

Take advantage of the Smart Phone revolution and manage your businesses from your phone.

Manage everything

The app allows route planning for deliver guys to make sure they deliver the right laundry to the right customer and prevent any sort of mix-up.

Grow your business

When in any form of business, the desire to grow and flourish is the basic need of any business owner.

Why us?

Because we have the right workforce, right technology and right experience to work efficiently in the world of app development.

Not a Techno-Savvy? No problem!

Apps need not be for the Techno-heavy person. It doesn’t matter how high or low is your understanding in using the app.